Yin & Yang Cropped Tee
Yin & Yang Cropped Tee
Yin & Yang Cropped Tee
Yin & Yang Cropped Tee

Yin & Yang Cropped Tee

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The law of opposites rings true throughout the Universe. For every natural force, there is an equally powerful opposing force. Within the Eastern teachings, the symbol of Yin is synonymous with femininity, darkness, and the natural earth. Yang is masculine, light, and heavenly. These two complementary forces intertwine organically and create a sense of balance. Designed by Serpentine, this aesthetic honors the age-old phenomena of life.

  • Flowy Cropped Tee.
  • 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose.
  • Printed on-demand especially for you.
  • Hand wash is advised for the longevity of your piece.
  • The color of the original product may vary slightly from the images on the website.
  • This product's fabric is exceptionally light. The white color is somewhat sheer.
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