Care Instructions

All SERPENTINE jewellery pieces are created using exceptional gemstones and precious metals, and are selected for their aesthetic quality and rarity.
To preserve their beauty, you are advised to treat them with great care and handle them with delicacy.
By acknowledging a few precautions for use and maintenance, you will be able to keep your jewellery in perfect condition for a long period of time.

The precious stones and metals which compose your SERPENTINE piece of jewellery are delicate materials.
Choose your piece of jewellery according to your activities.

It is best to avoid wearing your jewellery in the following situations:

  • When washing your hands, in order to avoid soap deposits slipping into small crevices and tarnishing your piece of jewellery.
  • When doing activities requiring the use of corrosive products (gardening, cleaning, dishwashing…) in order to avoid damaging the stones that adorn your piece of jewellery.
  • When practising sports, in order to avoid impacts and scratches.


It is also best to avoid:

  • Exposing jewellery to strong heat: temperature changes can irreversibly damage precious stones.
  • Putting on perfume and make-up while wearing your jewellery: chemical ingredients contained in cosmetics are harmful to certain stones.