Cedarwood Incense

Cedarwood Incense

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Warm, woody, and slightly sweet. Cedarwood comes from the majestic tree that shares its name. Its oil is used in perfumes around the globe, thanks to its remarkably attractive scent. Research suggests that cedarwood can help curb insomnia and improve your mental well-being. The incense boasts a myriad of benefits, including anchoring our energy to reality and clarity. It is also said to encourage prosperity and happiness. Use this as part of your meditation practice.

Composition: cedarwood essential oil, vegetable compost, charcoal, frankincense, and bulk salt.

• No Chemicals
• 100% Pure Essential Oils.
• Handcrafted in Brazil
• Can be used both indoor and outdoor
• Box contains 9 individual incense sticks
• Burning time: 120 minutes for each stick
  • Round-Neck T-shirt. 
  • 100% Premium Soft Cotton.
  • Printed on-demand, especially for you.
  • Hand wash is advised for the longevity of your piece.
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